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The hit broadcast shows EP Daily and Reviews On The Run have companion websites that stream all the amazing content from each show day in date with the broadcast. The websites also post up-to-date entertainment news stories, movie and game trailers, contests, and feature robust social interaction. EP Daily & Reviews On The Run get over 3.4 million TV viewers each month.

EP/ROTR Web Stats:

2012 6 month average for EPDaily.tv and ReviewsOnTheRun.com combined.





Unique Monthly Visits:



Average Time on Site: 3:45

Above the fold, Run of Site:

Above the fold, Run of Site (ROS)

Top Banner (728 x 90) $8 CPM

MPU (multi purpose unit) (300 pixels x 250) $12 CPM

Below the fold MPU (300 pixels x 250) $5 CPM

Below the fold MPU (600 pixels x 250) $9 CPM

Site takeover $500/day includes:

Leaderboard (Top Banner and MPU) Above the fold

MPU below the fold

site background

"Beyond the banner"

Over 3,000 hours of exclusive videos viewed each month!


Video Stats:

Over 7,000 videos posted online with 20 new videos posted everyday!

Video Views 48,000+ / month

50% completion        71%

75% completion        65%

100% completion      50%


EPDaily.tv hosts over 130 unique preview videos every month while ReviewsOnTheRun.com hosts over 130 unique movie, blu-ray and videogame review videos each month.

Video Ads

Online web video views:


a month


to date


a month


  to date

Video Ads:

Pre-roll: 10 second spot before the start of video $20CPM

Post-roll: 10 second spot after the video ends $12CPM


If you don’t have the ability to create your own video pre-roll, we’ve got you covered. With 18 staff video editors and 8 producers and an in-house art director, we can create any video ad campaign you desire. contact sales@elecplay.com for all sales inquiries.

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